Ciate – Olivia Palermo London Smokey Suedes Palette


Price: $39

There used to be a time when I thought Ciate only made cute nail polishes. Pleasantly surprised to find that wasn’t the case 🙂

smokeysuedes13smokeysuedes11I snagged this gorgeous palette in Sephora, during my visit to Palo Alto last Christmas.

Having spent the holidays splurging on gifts, I almost returned it unused as I couldn’t justify myself buying another palette. But in the midst of Christmas and New Years with the holiday cheer rising, the guilty return trip was “conveniently” forgotten.

smokeysuedes1There seems to be two eyeshadow palettes in this collection: the Smokey Suedes and the Smouldering Eye. They’re beautiful palettes; both look like tiny black-gold clutches. Compact, pouch-friendly, travel-friendly, large mirror (proportion-wise).

I have to admit, I initially chose this because I figured it’d look pretty in my pouch. (Hence, the guilt.)

Plus, there was only one left in the store, prompting me to note its desirability.

smokeysuedes2There are three claims written on the back of the palette:

  • Highly blendable colour with a silky suede texture
  • Rich and densely pigmented with a weightless finish,
  • Covetable mirrored compact case

Out of those three claims, I will only question the “highly” in the “highly blendable colour.” But before delving into that, more pictures:

smokeysuedes3It’s gorgeous is what it is. The gold words on film are:

“Seriously soft-touch suede eye shadow in my personal favourite shades for beautifully smokey eyes. – Olivia Palermo -“

smokeysuedes12Here’s the ingredient list, for anyone who’s interested.

smokeysuedes4My heart flutters just looking at those pans. It’s nice how the shadow squares maximize area use by not leaving any space for wanting.

I initially worried that fallout might muddy up the colors, but so far (1 month of usage), it hasn’t been that big of a deal.

smokeysuedes5Bummed that these shadows aren’t named in the palette. I realize that there’s no space, but I’d have sacrificed a little shadow for those names.


  • Shaken_ Mustard Yellow/Gold Shimmer
  • Verde_ Grey-black with green shimmer
  • Whoopie Pie_ Light reddish brown matte
  • Glazed _ Burnt Toffee with shimmer
  • Prosecco _ Wheat-gold shimmer
  • Cocoa _ Mahogany Brown shimmer
  • Macchiato _ Light Mahogany matte
  • Plumberry_ Rosewood Brown Matte

smokeysuedes7(Sunlight shots. From bottom to top: Shaken, Verde, Whoopie Pie, Glazed, Prosecco, Cocoa, Macchiato, Plumberry)

This is one of those cases where “What you see in the pan is not what you’ll get.” The colors are more brown than taupe, contrary to what you’d think looking at the pans. With Verde, I was a teensy bit disappointed as I was looking for a brighter, greener hue. Verde will look green-ish in direct light, but it’s more black/grey than green.

But that Wheat-gold in Prosecco; my heart palpitates just looking at that color.

(Just noticed I missed “Butler,” the one with the ribbon engraving! I’ll upload it later)

smokeysuedes8(With Flash. From left to right: Shaken, Verde, Whoopie Pie, Glazed, Prosecco, Cocoa, Macchiato, Plumberry)

You can tell Verde is green in direct light. Colors are buttery smooth, pigmented. The name “smokey suedes” fit them to a tee, as they feel like suede on the skin.

But because they’re all super-pigmented and textured in such a way to micmic suedes, they can blend muddy. That’s my only complaint. I’ve a feeling that these shadows are awfully easy to overdo, especially when you’re not trying to do a smoky look.

(Please note that I’m a complete sissy/newb when it comes to bold looks!)

smokeysuedes9This was my attempt at a bold look with this palette.

smokeysuedes10Yes, it is possible to create natural/neutral looks with this palette. But considering how clumsy I can be and how short on time I am on weekday mornings, it’ll be hard for me to reach for this daily. The Smokey Suedes will not be my go-to work makeup palette (like TF Natural Eyes or UD Naked3), but most likely a weekend palette, for a nice evening out or an experimental smokey.

Not the most versatile palette but a lovely one nevertheless.

I would recommend this to:

  • Someone looking to practice smokey eyes (or someone who rocks the smokey look daily)
  • Someone in need of a pouch/travel-friendly palette for less than $40.
  • Someone looking for a cute neutral-ish palette leaning bold

PS: Would you pick this up? What are your favorite go-to smoky palettes? 🙂

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