Catch96 – Game of Thrones Makeup Brushes (Rose-Gold)


Price: $79.95

(Sale: $39.95)

My SO and I are both big fans of Game of Thrones.

When I saw these brushes on sale, I waved my macbook and yelled I was going to get them and no one can stop me, fire and blood .. but my SO beat me to it. He ordered a set for me and we waited with baited breath.

Shipping took about 2-3 weeks. (I think it ships from China)

GOT_brush_1GOT_brush_2These came wrapped individually in plastic covers.

We got the Rose-Gold Set. They feel heavy, like scepters in your hands.

GOT_brush_7The pouch they came in was kind of meh.

I wonder why they didn’t go full-on gold. The pink rendered the brushes kitschy.

GOT_brush_4The details are drop-dead gorgeous. Each symbol holds the house motto, with the exception of the “Hand of the King” symbol.

  • House Baratheon – Ours is the Fury
  • House Targaryen – Fire and Blood
  • House Martell – Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
  • House Stark – Winter is Coming
  • House Lannister – Hear (Me) Roar
  • House Tully – Family, Duty, Honor
  • House Greyjoy – We Do Not Sow

There are a total of 8 brushes in this set. My only regret is the lack of House Tyrell’s golden rose.

GOT_brush_5The set includes (but is not limited to) a flat thick liner brush, tapered blending, flat long packing brush, flat shader, and a blending brush.

Bristles are of decent softness and density … but I don’t think I can ever use them! Too pretty. This set is strictly for display.


Currently, the brushes are on display as such.

The vase is a generic glass vase that I was gifted a million years ago. Stones were purchased from Michaels.

I should have them next to me while I blast through season 7!

Ipsy August 2017 Glam Bag


Price: $10

Agust2017_3My August Glam Bag. I resubscribed to Ipsy two weeks ago, and this was the first bag I received.

Can’t say I’m wowed. The only reason I resubscribed was because it seemed like they stepped up on the variety of brands… but these are brands I’ve been getting from Ipsy since 2014. Nothing new.

Adorable bag as always.

Agust2017_5Shade of TheBalm shadow/luminizer I got: Kuwakaribisha

Agust2017_4Swatches. Leftmost is Kuwakaribisha, and the rest are individual swatches of the Hikari bronzer. Cute colors!

Agust2017_1I noticed they changed from a pink envelope to a gold one.

Hope September is better.

DIY Lip Palette

selfpalette3Lip samples I’ve accumulated over the months.

The thing with these samples is that I rarely remember to use them. And there’s always one or two colors I’d never use in this lifetime. But they’re so cute with their mini lip brushes and teensy pockets! So I hoard them.

Until months later when I realize I want to declutter.

selfpalette4And declutter I did. Messy, but compact.

I started mixing everything in an “Elf shadow quad pan” (that I sanitized) and heated the bottom with a hair dryer.

Created one sheer lipstick, one lipgloss, one matte-ish lipstick.


From top to bottom:

  • Dior lipstick (Be Dior, Wonderful, Tribale, Smile)
  • Honest Beauty Lip Gloss (Creative Kiss, Dreamy Kiss, Inspired Kiss) + YSL Glossy Stain (Rouge Splash, Onde Rose, Plump Lip)
  • Clinique lipstick (nude pop, punch pop, love pop, cherry pop) + a dab of NARS matte lip pencil (Let’s Go Crazy)

Pretty happy with the outcome. All three are shades I’d use in a heartbeat.


Here’s what I used:

  • Lip card samples
  • Tiny spatula (used the pointy end of a sanitized angle toothbrush)
  • Hairdryer (it will get hot, so do use oven gloves!)
  • ELF empty palette (I got them for less than $1 during their sale)


Have fun mixing & melting.

Armani Lip Magnet – 504 Nuda


[Georgio Armani Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick – 504 Nuda]

Price: $38

Amount: 3.9 ml / 0.13 oz

NUDA2I wanted a lip magnet for ages but could never decide on a shade.

I usually pick up one shade from a line before going back for others, so this first buy had to be the perfect daily shade.

After thirty minutes of debating between 504 Nuda and 505 Second Skin, I opted for Nuda because it seemed like a gorgeous muted coral.

NUDA3As always, ingredient list.

Beware; just like the Lancome Juicy Shakers, these babies are flammable.

NUDA4.jpgTo be honest, I was never wowed by this design. It reminds me of those seal stamps we use in Korea (called 인감도장), which brings up the imagery of banks and house loans and life that’s too painfully HD realistic.

And the cute belt buckle-like logo reminds me of LG Electronics lol.

NUDA5But that color… that sumptuous color. And the way it feels when the applicator touches your skin…  erased all my doubts about the design.

The color really sticks to you like magnet. Not tacky, not sticky, but magnetic.

NUDA6The pointed doe-foot applicator is sharp enough for detailed work.

I don’t need a lip liner with this product.

NUDA7Well. Here’s another miserable fail. These aren’t dupes, but … similar color groups. They go well together. Let’s leave it at that.

From bottom to top:

  • Armani Lip Magnet – 504 Nuda
  • Nature Republic Kiss My Mini Lipstick – 01 Juliet Rose
  • Tate LipSurgence Lipgloss – Blushing Bride

NUDA8Comparison with another favorite shade: “YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain in 412 Rose Mix.”

Right pic: Left shade is “Armani_Nuda,” and right shade is “YSL_Rose Mix.”

Both gorgeous shades. “Nuda” was my ideal version of theBalm’s “Matte Hughes _ Committed.” Committed was a tad too dull & orangey to by my favorite daily hue; this takes the cake.

NUDA9Perfect daily color.

Now that I’ve seen how this performs, I kinda want to try “505 Second Skin” and “301 Heat” .. “507 Garconne,” too.


I lie. I want them all.

Sephora Hall of Famers Gift 2017 – Exclusive Bite Lipstick

giftedbysephoraSokobabyBlog2Sephora’s known to send out little gifts to its BeautyTalk users. As someone who used to be an avid user, I really appreciated the surprise gifts. T’was one of the many perks of being a Beauty Insider.

Unfortunately (and fortunately!), BeautyTalk is shifting gears to a new platform, which means the old ranking system is phasing out. Which means, good bye to “Hall of Famer.” (HOF)

HOF2As a farewell, Sephora decided to surprise the “HOF” Beauty Insiders with a gift.

They reeeally sprung this on us. Every HOF got a random email informing us that a package was arriving from Sephora. A good majority thought we were hacked. We were quickly assured that this was legit.

HOF3(why I adore Sephora)

HOF4HOF5This cute pouch…

HOF7Held the contents:

  • 3 adorable pins, custom made for HOF rankers.
  • A HOF custom-color lipstick from Bite’s Lip Lab!


This beauty. The shade is titled “Hall of Famer,” a nod to the eponymous HOFs.

It’s the same formula as the Amuse Bouche line.

HOF9I’d call this a hot pink + fuchsia mix. (A royal-fuchsia?)

It has the customary Bite scent to it, a fruity tingly scent that screams Bite.

HOF10Buttery smooth. It spreads evenly into a shock of fuchsia goodness.

Beware: it stains quite a bit! Don’t get this on your clothes.


I don’t own many fuchsias/hot pinks, so this was the best I could do in regards to dupes.

From left to right:

  • Bite “Hall of Famer”
  • Nature Republic “Orchid Blossom”
  • Clinique “Punch Pop”
  • Wander Beauty “Vacay”

Wander Beauty “Vacay” was the closest shade I could find in my stash. It’s a beautiful unique hue, especially if you love a zingy fuchsia.

HOF13Thank you Sephora 😀

Sephora Holiday Promo – Sample Bag #2


Price: $- ($25 buy-in/GWP)

Each year, Sephora has an array of deluxe sample bags you can choose from as part of their holiday promotion. It comes in the form of a sample code.

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-11-11-15-amWith a $25 purchase, you receive 8 deluxe samples along with a cute bag for free. Use code “VERYMERRY”! (this is exclusive to beauty insiders; all you have to do is sign up.)

2016’s sample bags were:  deluxesample_lp_1_midflightdelight_us_112616_imagedeluxesample_lp_2_soireeathome_us_112616_imagedeluxesample_lp_3_luxlatenight_us_112616_imagedeluxesample_lp_4_weekendretreat_us_112616_image

I chose bag #2, although bag #4 was appealing with its “Sunday Riley’s Tidal cream” and the “Fresh cleansing milk.” But the “CoverFX Moonlight” and “Erno Laszlo” won out.

Everything in bag#2 appealed to me, with the exception of E&J Nirvana (not a fan of the scent). If that had been switched with bag#3’s MM Replica Jazz Club, it would have been perfect.

bag2_2The contents of bag#2.

Happy with what I’ve got, and with the exception of Nirvana (which I’ll give away), I’ll use up everything for sure.

bag2_3The Erno Laszlo sample I recieved (in “sensitive”) was a bit leaky.

bag2_4Should I be happy it cleanses so well?

Did you get grab a sample bag? Which one did you get? Is there something really wanted among these DS? 

Sephora VIB Rouge Gift 2016 & 2015 – Nars Blush in “Goulue” & Marc Jacobs Lipstick in “So Rouge”


Price: $1000 per year GWP

Sephora has three tiers for its customers: BI (beauty insider), VIB ($350), and yours truly, VIB Rouge ($1000+).

If you spend more than $1000 in a given year, you are given the “VIB Rouge” status until the exact date of the next year. (ex. status earned on “Nov 21st, 2016” will last till “Nov 21, 2017”) People debate over the merits of this status, but for the sake of this post, I’d love to focus on the gift you receive upon renewing your Rouge status.

vibrouge_1This is the 2016 Rouge renewal gift in its customary red box.

The design of these boxes seem to change every year, but they’re all red (or rouge, in french).

vibrouge_32016’s gift is a mini version of NARS blush in “Goulue,”a limited shade exclusive to the VIB Rouges.

I’m pretty happy with this gift; NARS is famous for their iconic blushes, and their formula is superb. Beautiful color, too. They saved a good one for the Rouges.

vibrouge_5You receive “0.14 oz / 4 g ” of product with this deluxe sample blush.

I have an “Orgasm” blush in this size that lasted me a year (with good use), so I expect this to last a while.

vibrouge_6vibrouge_7That gorgeous shade though.

The shade is a muted dusty-rose with just enough glow, something that might appeal to those who dislike Orgasm for its excessive shimmer. I happen to like both blushes, but this one will get more daily use.

vibrouge_8Swatch in natural light. As all NARS blushes go, “Goulue” is very pigmented and buttery smooth. It lasts forever on me.

vibrouge_16On my cheeks.

vibrouge_15Do go light-handed with this blush!

I believe it compliments all skin tones (it has near perfect five stars from over 130 reviews on Sephora), but it will be easier to go clown on lighter skinned ladies. I was shocked when I first dabbed the tiniest amount (barely grazing the surface with my brush) and ended up with clown cheeks.

No heavy-hands, unless you want to rock that look.

vibrouge_2Now the 2015 gift.

Left is the 2015 Rouge Gift Box. Right is the 2016.

vibrouge_92015’s Rouge Renewal gift (my very first) was Marc Jacob’s lipstick in “240 So Rouge,” another VIB Rouge exclusive shade in a LE package.

This was also a limited shade, and I believe it’s gone for now… (why…)

vibrouge_10A true blood-red, super pigmented, creamy. Glides on like a dream.

You receive ” 0.03oz/ 1g” worth of product, which is equal to your regular deluxe sixed Marc Jacobs lipstick.

vibrouge_11vibrouge_14Trying to find a dupe, I played the crazy-lipstick-lady game… and I really suck at this don’t I. Swatches in different natural lighting. Far left is “So Rouge.”

I’ve idly dubbed all of these shades a generic “red” at one point, and it’s only now that I’m realizing how wrong I was.

vibrouge_12The closest dupe I could find color-wise was MAC’s Ruby Woo, but MAC doesn’t compare to MJ’s consistency and wear. MJ’s Le Marc formula was much more forgiving on my dry lips than MAC’s matte formula.

Formula-wise, a close dupe was Revlon and Nars Audacious (but Audacious wins on longevity and pigmentation).

vibrouge_2I wish they would make these beauties a permanent instead of whisking them away so soon.

Goulue is still around, so snap one up if you like this shade. I really don’t need more red lippies so I’m okay with having missed a full-sized “So Rouge,” but I’ll be sad if “Goulue” disappears.

Thanks for reading my review and have a beautiful day 🙂

How do you like the VIB Rouge gifts? Would you rather they stayed around and became permanent? Would you buy a full size of these?