Provided by Influenster

Price: $26

I’ve never had brows to speak of, so any brow-related products are welcome. Initially, I wondered whether my brows had enough volume at all to warrant a “fluff-up,” but it turns out the brow wax does an admirable job keeping everything “on,” so thank you Benefit & Influenster for the good stuff. 

Starting with the box because this one was exceptionally pretty and kitschy. Almost as if the Mean Girls Burn Book purged itself of vitriol and found inner peace, deciding to use its powers for good—the good being brow power.

You get “7.0 mL / 0.23 fl. oz.” amount of product that is guaranteed to fluff, feather, and texturize your brows. As the box promises, the product does dry clear and is flake free, but the applicator might feel dry and abrasive at first.

It’s best to use a fluffing motion as opposed to attacking the brow bone like I did at first. 

As usual, the ingredients.

Again, there’s really not much to shape (lol) here, but the brow wax had a death grip and made these brows last for 12 + hours.

So, Wednesdays are usually my busiest days; I rise at 6:20 am and get off work around 8 pm. By the end of the day, I’m ready to crash. My cognitive powers & blush may have left around 4 pm, but thanks to this product, at least the brows stayed—no touch-ups required. 

Not sure how waterproof this is, but come February when the gym membership starts again, I’ll be able to test it against the salty water of the swimming pool.

Did I mention pretty box? 

My favorite product from Benefit still has to be the Benetint, but this one’s in the top five.

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