[Influenster] Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara


Provided by Influenster

Here’s something that is tailored to my needs: a mascara that volumizes & lengthens & curls. Influenster sent me Huda Beauty’s Legit Mascara to try, and since I like anything Huda, I gave it a go for a few weeks.

My lashes are pretty sparse and love to reach for the grounds, even as I’m pressing them upwards with curlers. Sooner or later, they will make the inevitable descent and point downwards, defiantly so.

Huda_soko3The case is pretty thick and hefty. You receive 2 X 8.5ml / 2 X 0.28 fl oz. worth of product. It says “2 X” because this is a dual mascara, with wands on both ends of the stick.

I realize mascara is one thing you should never use beyond the expiration date, about two or three months after opening one, but if that wasn’t the case, I might be able to use this one up to six months; there’s so much product. (And not many lashes to speak of on me, alas.)

Huda_soko5The whole effect is volumizing & lengthening & curling. Your lashes get immediate volume due to the 5mm fibers and soft wax.

Huda_sok4Left is the volume brush; right is curl & length

Huda_soko1Considering I have zero lashes to speak of (and the few that I’ve got refuses to stand to attention with or without the aid of a curler) this is an improvement. Since I misplaced my eyelash curlers months ago, this was without the aid of a curler. I really like what it does for my sparse lashes.

Can’t speak much for longevity though, since it’s been Quarantine for quite a while. It did not flake or change in appearance for the two hours or so I wore them consistently.

Ouai – Dry Shampoo Foam


FS: $28 / DS: $12

Received a DS of this in one of my beauty box subscriptions, then forgot about it.

Seeing as I’ve been trying the “wash-every-other-day” method lately (so as not to completely dry out my hair), I pulled this “dry shampoo foam” out of my closet and gave it a go.

I kind of love it.

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 12.49.47 PMI was surprised by how low a rating this product got in Sephora. Less than 3/5!

Apparently, there’s a 50/50 chance you’re going to love/hate this.

OUAI_DRYSHAMPOO3Directions: For use on dry, dirty hair, shake it up, work a palm-full of product onto your hair and scalp, re-apply as needed. (PS: I don’t use a palm-full. 1/3 of a palm is enough.)

The product feels just like your everyday foam cleanser, white and poofy and airy. Smells amazing!

OUAI_DRYSHAMPOO1This is my three-days-old hair after using Ouai’s Dry Shampoo Foam. My hair usually goes limp and sad after a day without washing. I’ve got that grease-is-me scalp that needs washing 7/7 a week.

After rubbing in a ping-pong sized foam into my scalp and hair, my hair became voluminous again, albeit messy and frizzed up. Still presentable! And this was immediately following a workout.

Color me impressed.

OUAI_DRYSHAMPOO4Dry shampoos were always a “meh” for me. I rarely use one up when I get them in a beauty box.

This may be the first dry shampoo I use up!

Bath & Body Works Haul (Buy 3 Get 3) 2019

AprilHaul_4There is a special place in my heart for B&BW coupons. They are ridiculously generous.

My Korean friend, for whom it was her first time ever in the US, had a romp at B&BW. She preferred it over Sephora!

This is a story of how we brought the price tag down from $60.10 to $34.34.

AprilHaul_3We combined three coupons/promos:

  • 20% off entire purchase
  • 1 item free (up to $13.50 value)
  • Buy 3 Get 3 free

Between the two of us, my friend and I each picked out three items and then added on one extra item to redeem the “1 item free.”

She bought:

  • Gingham Ultra Shea Body Cream
  • Sweet Almond & Honey Ultra Shea Body Cream
  • Intense Lavender Body Lotion

I bought:

  • Wild Blueberry Ultra Shea Body Cream
  • Gingham Ultra Shea Body Cream
  • Sea Island Cotton Body Lotion
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oil Body Lotion – Lavender

She generously gave me the extra item ūüôā We only paid about $17 each.

AprilHaul_1The Aromatherapy Lavender landed itself on my bedroom dresser, next to JoMalone and a bunch of perfume rollerballs. (Vicktor&Rolf, Maison Margiela, Fresh) The lotion is non-tacky and melts into the skin.

I alternate between Lavender and English Pear & Freesia at night. Lavender helps me sleep.

AprilHaul_2The Wild Blueberry currently resides in my bathroom, atop the …well, loo.

It’s accompanied by Japanese Cherry Blossom (another B&BW classic) and a bottle of “what used to be body milk but now is a mixture of water & lavender oil & crushed ylang ylang soap.” I intended it to be red – yellow – blue (ish).

It smells amazing! Takes a bit longer than the lotions to seep into my skin, but does a bang-up job in keeping me moisturized.

I love mixing Wild Blueberry with a hint of Philosophy’s Fresh Cream; the combination reminds me of grape žÉąžĹ§Žč¨žĹ§ (Saecomdalcom? It means SweetSour), a beloved fruit chew from my prepubescent days. (My hubby says it reminds him of cranberry juice. Funny how scent awakens different kinds of nostalgia in everyone.)

In all, a good haul.

Allure 2019 April, Mar, Jan Beauty Box

I blame the weather. The winter days were long and cold; they blended into one another until it felt like I was stuck in groundhog day. Sooner or later, I woke up from the funk and realized it was April 2019. And I haven’t reviewed a single box from Allure, my current favorite beauty subscription.

Here is everything, from January to April. (I lied. Minus February)

“Allure January 2019”

allurejan_1allurejan_2allurejan_3Items received:

  • OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub – LIKE
  • Sunday Riley CEO Glow Vitamin C +Tumeric Face Oil – LIKE
  • Sunday Riley A + High Dose Retinoid Serum – LOVE
  • Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask – MEH
  • Doucce Relentless Matte Lip Crayon in Winterberry – LIKE
  • Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick in Burnished Bronze – LIKE


“Allure March 2019”

alluremar_1alluremar_2alluremar_3alluremar_4alluremar_5alluremar_6Items received:

  • Belief The True Cream Aqua Bomb – LOVE
  • The Anywhere Creme Multistick Grapefruit – LOVE (NARS Orgasm dupe)
  • Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Gel Cleanser – LIKE
  • Acure Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Night Oil – MEH
  • Mamonde Rose Water Toner – LIKE
  • Burt’s Bee Lipstick in Blush Basin – LOVE
  • Lakur Nail Polish in Boring Pink – LIKE/MEH


“Allure April 2019”

allureapr_1allureapr_2allureapr_3allureapr_5Items received:

  • Natasha Denona Single Eyeshadow in 131DC Morgana – LOVE
  • Brigeo Farewell Frizz Protection Cream – MEH
  • Vita Liberata Tan-Infused Clothes – HARD NOPE (organic or otherwise, no tanning)
  • Luxie 231 Small Tapered Blending Rose Gold – LOVE
  • Laura Geller Inkcredible Gel Eyeliner Pencil – LIKE
  • John Frieda Frizz Ease Cream – LIKE
  • Furterer Texture Spray – MEH


In summary:

  • Liked the January box
  • Loved the March box
  • Meh-ed the April Box

(February must have been a hard hard nope because I distinctly remember receiving the box but didn’t bother taking pictures)

Currently, I think I prefer Allure to Birchbox or Ipsy. Good solid items. Even the semi-transparent bags didn’t rip and give me grief.

Beautylish 2019 Lucky Bag – Regular


Price: $75 + $10 shipping = $85

My annual Beautylish Lucky Bag. This was only my third year, but my year is never quite complete without having partaken in this holiday (?) tradition.

You normally receive these babies mid to late January. The whole experience is akin to rejoicing a second Christmas. Santa forgot a few knickknacks and is sending everyone a second batch of presents, just the cosmetics.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 3.48.04 PMThey’ve upped the shipping price from $8 to $10.

And this time, the staff at Beautylish separated the Jeffree Star bags from the Regular Bags. Jeffree Star bags will only hold items from Jeffree Star, while Regular bags may or may not have included a JS item in their stash.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 3.48.04 PM

Bags were sold out by the time I rechecked their site, around 4:00 pm PT!

I got my Regular bag around 11 am PT, which by then, were the only items left for purchase. The XL bags were long gone. Obviously, everyone grabbed one when the bags went live at Early Access, 9:00 am PT.

LuckyBag2019_1My items (from left to right):

  • Avene Gentle Body Scrub ($24)
  • Lina Choo Lipstick – 21 Duras ($32)
  • Viseart Theory Palette – Amethyst ($45)
  • Wayne Goss – 13 Face Brush ($53)
  • Good Molecules – Wake Up Eye Serum ($8)
  • Becca Glow on the Go Set ($20)

A total $182 value.

LuckyBag2019_3LuckyBag2019_4Especially smitten with my face brush.

I’ve been using the Lucky Bag as an excuse to collect Wayne Goss brushes, and am a happy trooper with what I’ve got. No dupes so far! Love them all; they’re a staple in my brush rotation.

LuckyBag2019_5LuckyBag2019_6I’ve debated getting this exact Theory Palette before and always backed down at the last minute. Now I have one! This is the moment my semi-no-buy pays off lol. Viseart and Laura Mercier makes such beautiful plummy shades.

(Also would’ve liked ABH Sultry, despite it being old news.)

LuckyBag2019_7LuckyBag2019_8I’ve never heard of or used Lina Choo, but the packaging was beautiful enough to win me over.

And Duras is exactly the shade I would’ve picked had I sought the brand out myself.

LuckyBag2019_8I was pleasantly surprised by Good Molecules… because the item itself seemed like such a throwaway “extra,” and a shameless promotion at that.

They call this “eye serum,” but I prefer to mix it up with “The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2%” + “Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum” to spread it all over my face.

The mixture keeps my skin moisturized and soft until the crummy heaters inevitably wreak havoc on my everything and I start over. February of Michigan is the cruelest month.

LuckyBag2019_10Admittedly, a confusing addition to my stash, only because it seems so random in a Beautylish Lucky Bag.

I haven’t seen enough variations in lucky bags to confirm the validity of my feelings, but this felt like an “I need something to round out this bag but ran out of everything. Let’s include this random product!” Haven’t seen this in anyone else’s bag so far.

At the same time, I love body scrubs, gentler the better. So am mollified.

LuckyBag2019_9Sadly, the only item in my bag I wasn’t excited about.

Beautiful products, but I already own Becca highlighters, one FS and one DS sample. Those two are enough to last me years and then some. Ah well. 5/6 isn’t bad in my book.


Honestly, the wait this year was … a bummer.¬†I’d have liked to receive my box sometime around mid-January, but it landed three days before February butted in. At that point, I forgot I even ordered this thing, hence the ridiculously late post date. My excitement had already peaked and died.

In summary: Liked the box; didn’t like the wait.

[Influenster] Love Beauty & Planet – Hand Wash, Hail Oil


Provided by Influenster

I’ve been using a lot of tea tree lately, and this voxbox was surprisingly in sync with my current obsession: hair everything and tea tree.

I’ll start with the hand wash.

vox213.5 FL OZ – 400 ml. For hand washes, this is on the bigger size.

vox3Ethical and nature-friendly.

vox4Simply pump, lather, and rinse.

The scent is pretty strong with this one. It’s a grassy and minty scent that lingers on your skin long after you use it, mostly tea tree with a hint of lemongrass.¬†If you enjoy the smell of tea tree, this will be a pleasant experience.

vox5The product is a clear slippery gel that lathers gently when you mix it with water.

It does not lather as much as some other sulfate-based hand washes, but still left my hands squeaky-clean. Wasn’t too drying, despite the tea tree. I suspect the coconut oil cancels out the dryness of tea tree to some degree.

I placed this at my kitchen sink because 1) This doesn’t leave my hands dry. 2) The strong scent helps cancel out any other scent that may linger on my hands when cooking food. 3) Hefty size. I wash my hands a lot at the kitchen sink.

vox8Now the hair oil. This one’s vetiver & jojoba.

4 FL OZ – 118ml. A decent amount that would last me through the winter.

vox9Ingredients list & directions. As is the case with the hand wash, there are a lot of plant-based ingredients.

You can either use this as a deep treatment prior to washing your hair or as a styling agent on dry or wet hair.

vox7The oil is clear and rather runny. It feels lighter than most hair oils I’ve used.

Compared to something like Moroccanoil Oil Treatment, this is a lighter, less scented version.

vox6(Left is before, right is after I applied the hair oil)

The oil weighs my hair down just enough to straighten and work out the knots. I concentrated on the lower region of my hair because it’s dryer, and also my oily-to-begin-with scalp doesn’t take to oil very kindly. I’d say this is a product that even someone with an oily scalp can use.

My hair’s been going to the way of a pudding (with the light dye on the bottom and darker roots = syrup on top, mostly because I can’t be bothered to keep dying it) and this visual is exaggerated by applying the oil. Brings out the color more. Think eyeshadow primer.

The scent, unlike with the hand wash, dissipates after a certain amount of time.

vox1Overall, solid products.

I might replace my Moroccanoil with this oil infusion because my scalp gets oily easily and it’s better to go lighter than heavier in my case.


Nov2018_2My November 2018 Glam Bag.

Decent items, but I couldn’t get over how ugly the bag was..¬† ūüė¶

Nov2018_3This is not okay. This is Randall from Monsters Inc. with a heart motif, but purple. (Technically, Monsters University, which I watched on a plane flight from the US to Korea one summer. TMuselessI) Why would you make a bag out of Randall?

I dare say this is the ugliest bag I ever got from Ipsy, but keep in mind this is personal preference.

Nov2018_1That being said, the categories of items received are pretty great. I love sheet masks, powder, blush, nail polish, and lippies.

But then again, I liked only three of the items.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 9.40.34 AM

Items I received:

Inara Cosmobeauty Nail Polish in Proud Coat – I love that they switched up from baby pink into something nude-sy and different. (By the way, that baby pink polish from my October Glam Bag? Super patchy …) Like.

Timeless Beauty Bar Glam&Glow + Up In the Clouds –¬†Hmm. “Up In the Clouds” smells like chemical and feels tingly. Almost burns. This may not be for sensitive skin. Dislike.

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Shameless  РLike. Huda Beauty is amazing. I love their liquid lips.

Lottie London Blush in Zayn – Lovely color, but chalky. Meh.

Ciate Translucent Setting Powder in Hideout – Decent setting powder. And perfect size for traveling, too! Like.

Nov2018_4Cute color. A fleshy Ivory?

Nov2018_5Pan is a decent size. I could use this for weeks with daily use.¬†Color is a bit deeper than what I’d normally reach for.

Nov2018_1Overall, a 3/5 bag. I’m hoping for a cute bag in December.


Sephora VIB Rouge Gift 2016 & 2015 – Nars Blush in “Goulue” & Marc Jacobs Lipstick in “So Rouge”


Price: $1000 per year GWP

Sephora has three tiers for its customers: BI (beauty insider), VIB ($350), and yours truly, VIB Rouge ($1000+).

If you spend more than $1000 in a¬†given year, you are given the “VIB Rouge” status until the exact date of the next year. (ex. status earned on “Nov 21st, 2016” will last till “Nov 21, 2017”) People debate over the merits of this status, but for the sake of this post, I’d love to focus on the gift you receive upon renewing your Rouge status.

vibrouge_1This is the 2016 Rouge renewal gift in its customary red box.

The design of these boxes seem to change every year, but they’re all red (or rouge, in french).

vibrouge_32016’s gift is a mini version of NARS blush in “Goulue,”a limited shade exclusive to the VIB Rouges.

I’m pretty happy with this gift; NARS is famous for their iconic blushes, and their formula is superb. Beautiful color, too. They saved a good one¬†for the Rouges.

vibrouge_5You receive “0.14 oz / 4 g ” of product with this deluxe sample blush.

I have an “Orgasm” blush in this size that lasted me a year (with good use), so I expect this to last a while.

vibrouge_6vibrouge_7That gorgeous shade though.

The shade is a muted dusty-rose with just enough glow, something that might appeal to those who dislike Orgasm for its excessive shimmer. I happen to like both blushes, but this one will get more daily use.

vibrouge_8Swatch in natural light. As all NARS blushes go, “Goulue” is very pigmented¬†and buttery smooth. It lasts forever on me.

vibrouge_16On my cheeks.

vibrouge_15Do go light-handed with this blush!

I believe it compliments all skin tones (it has near perfect five stars from over 130 reviews on Sephora), but it will be easier to go clown on lighter skinned ladies. I was shocked when I first dabbed the tiniest amount (barely grazing the surface with my brush) and ended up with clown cheeks.

No heavy-hands, unless you want to rock that look.

vibrouge_2Now the 2015 gift.

Left is the 2015 Rouge Gift Box. Right is the 2016.

vibrouge_92015’s Rouge Renewal gift (my very first) was Marc Jacob’s lipstick in “240 So Rouge,” another VIB Rouge exclusive shade in a LE package.

This was also a limited shade, and I believe it’s gone for now… (why…)

vibrouge_10A true blood-red, super pigmented, creamy. Glides on like a dream.

You receive ” 0.03oz/ 1g” worth of product, which is equal to your regular deluxe sixed¬†Marc Jacobs lipstick.

vibrouge_11vibrouge_14Trying to find a dupe, I played the crazy-lipstick-lady game… and¬†I really suck at this don’t I.¬†Swatches in different natural lighting. Far left is “So Rouge.”

I’ve idly dubbed all of these shades a generic “red” at one point, and it’s only now that I’m realizing how wrong I was.

vibrouge_12The closest dupe I could find color-wise was MAC’s Ruby Woo, but MAC doesn’t compare to¬†MJ’s consistency and wear. MJ’s Le Marc formula was much more forgiving on my dry lips than MAC’s matte formula.

Formula-wise, a close dupe was Revlon and Nars Audacious (but Audacious wins on longevity and pigmentation).

vibrouge_2I wish they would make these beauties a permanent instead of whisking them away so soon.

Goulue is still around, so snap one up if you like this shade. I really don’t need more red lippies so I’m okay with having missed a full-sized “So Rouge,” but I’ll be sad if “Goulue” disappears.

Thanks for reading my review and have a beautiful day ūüôā

How do you like the VIB Rouge gifts? Would you rather they stayed around and became permanent? Would you buy a full size of these?

[Review] Guerlain – Meteorites in Clair 02


Price: $62

I’ve known these finishing balls powders to be a staple of women’s makeup dressers since 1987. This is one of Guerlain’s signature products,¬†and I’m excited to finally own one.

guerlainmeteorites_1I received this as part of a belated birthday gift, my first ever Meteorites.

My friend in Japan swears by this, and when she heard I probably wouldn’t purchase it myself, she took the matter into her own hands and sent me her favorite.

She¬†debated over¬†“the pearls” and “the pressed powder.” The¬†pearls won out because (as the SA pointed out) the pressed powders are prone to shattering mid-transit. (I’ve heard various horror stories about this. Breaks my heart to think of all those broken pretties.)

guerlainmeteorites_3You get 25g (0.88oz) of these “light-revealing pearls of powder.”

They used to have more product (with bigger packaging) I’ve heard. I’ve seen comparison shots of the older version and the new, where the size difference was palpable.

guerlainmeteorites_4Ingredient list.

guerlainmeteorites_5Japanese (and a tad bit of French) ingredient list

guerlainmeteorites_6Guerlain does packaging right. Always. Everything I’ve seen from them so far was drop dead gorgeous.

Every season they come out with limited edition¬†Meteorites which people collect; these have had a cult following since forever, it seems. They’re all rendered beautifully (my favorite was Holiday 2011 and 2015) and cost a pretty penny.

Summary: Always enjoyed the beautiful packaging. Price tag scared me off.

guerlainmeteorites_7This is the permanent edition Meteorites in “Clair 02.”

Yes, this is the tin case you see atop many dressers, usually¬†as one of the centerpiece. I’ve had friends confess that they “don’t even care if the product is good”; the tin and the pretty balls alone makes them happy.

guerlainmeteorites_8Swoon.¬†They’ve gotten a bit thrown about during transit, but this is so pretty. (Dippin’ Dots anyone?)

I was taken aback¬†to see how little product I’ve got… then realized this is actually more product than the “Givenchy- Prism Libre ($54 / 0.42oz)” that I’ve been using forever, which I still haven’t hit even the half-mark (it’s been a year).

So despite what this looks like, these will last you quite a while.

guerlainmeteorites_9guerlainmeteorites_10guerlainmeteorites_12Swatches in different natural lights:

I ran each color multiple¬†times over my skin to intensify the hue. It’s very subtle.

The powder is finely milled, not chalky. It smells like powdery candied violets. (this might be a plus or a minus depending on your tastes) You’re supposed you dip your brush against the pearls and swirl, buffing what you pick up gently across¬†your face.

The different colors mixed together gives you a delicate illuminance/finish, one that corrects complexion and lends a subtle glow.

guerlainmeteorites_13How it wears throughout the day: (7am -> 11am -> 8pm)

It wore pretty well throughout the day! (wish I could say the same for my blush..) Despite my dry winter skin, I detect that subtle luminance.

The Meteorites didn’t give me any more dry patches (and oily T-zone) than I usually get. There’s dryness¬†on my chin and nose area, especially in the 11am shot, but it’s no more than¬†my usual fare.

(Please excuse the different lighting and odd angle!)

guerlainmeteorites_6Overall Guerlain’s Meteorites¬†is a luxury item.

It’s not a necessity to me, but I’m very happy to own it. It does what it claims; it will be used and it will last me a while.

How do you like the Meteorites? Do you feel like it’s a necessity? Do you collect Guerlain’s LE items? If you do, which edition would you dub your absolute must-have?¬†