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Price: $11

The green threw me off at first! Granted, this is a pretty sage green, but my daily routine is pretty boring with an arsenal of browns, corals, and beige. I have three eyeliners: one black and two browns… very yawn. So was curious how the sage green would fit in. 

This is a “smoke eyeliner stick,” with a consistency closer to a kajal/kohl than pencil. It goes on smoothly with more control than kajals but less than, say, a liquid liner. It also doubles as an on-the-go eyeshadow with the help of that brush tip, blending itself into a liner-turned-shadow.

Despite the softness of this eyeliner stick, I was able to get a relatively crisp application (have shaky coffee hands so this is a big deal lol). 

Here’s a picture lifted from the Nyx website. An arsenal of pretty colors!

Knowing my boring self, I’d probably reach for a brown/taupe… but that purple and blue look beautiful too.

Well, I love it. “Sage Sparks” goes incredibly well with “rose-golds, golds, brown, blacks, peach, and corals,” and is generally a nice pop of color that’s just bold enough without overwhelming the daily look. The photo is me with Nyx “Sage Sparks” and a golden-brown liner.

I believe the gold & green colors compliment each other, and the brush tip provided made blending easy. If it helps, I’m supposedly a “bright spring light” in the personal color chart (at least, according to the lady who did my colors). 

Left is the eyeliner stick and right is the brush tip. I really enjoy how the blending gives the look of an eyeshadow, but with the control and intensity of a liner.

The brush tip looks a little stiff but is actually soft! It also reminds me of a tiny animal hairbrush.

As for longevity, I’ve spent two days so far wearing this liner. Both days, it held up well for about six to eight hours = essentially until the end of the day when I took it off.

No smudging. It erases well with any old micellar water.

Btw, lip topper was Nyx Butter Gloss “Creme Brûlée!” Love the butter gloss.

This was such a win. Thank you for sending me that unexpected green. I tiptoed out of my comfort zone and loved it. 

With natural lighting, 4PM sun
(no extra artificial lights added)

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