[Influenster] Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – Almond

Provided by Influenster

Price: $40

Too Faced has been my go-to for eyeshadows and blushes for as far back as 2012. So why is it that I’m only discovering this foundation now? I’ve definitely tried foil samples before; there was a time when Sephora would include “Born This Way” foils in its sample roster every other week. But this foundation had never impressed like it does now… did they change the formula?

This is “medium-to-full” coverage, which I prefer to full coverage. It provides a more natural finish while managing to cover the bulk of my skin issues (pores, mild scarring, mild pigmentation, etc.) “Oil-free” is also a huge plus, as I am prone to acne on my T-zone.

We get 30ml / 1.0 Fl oz worth of product for $40.

Ingredient list. Mostly for documentation’s sake, since I’m not savvy at all.

Texture is not-too-thick, not-too-runny. Compared to EL’s Double Wear Foundation and Burberry Matte Glow, it’s mildly runnier.

The shade I received was “Almond,” which runs a tad yellow than my other two foundations. Combined with its natural finish, this foundation happened to be the perfect match for my skin! I usually have to mix & match to create my daily shade, but there’s no need for that with Born This Way.

Plus, a little goes a long way.

DSLR / Natural Lighting
Galaxy S20, Rear-end camera, artificial lighting

Here’s a comparison to give you a better idea of that “photo-friendly, blurring effect.” Left is normal camera. Right is filtered (albeit, mildly, to provide a subtle comparison).

I’d say left still gives you the coveted blurred-filter effect without completely obliterating texture & imperfections. Of course, harsh lights will bring out all the texture since makeup is no panacea, but this is such a great foundation for daily, work/school makeup. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who wants full coverage, as this seems to be geared towards people who want decent coverage without going full glam.

Please note, longevity was not spectacular. Most likely because I’m oily to begin with?

Am definitely going to purchase after using up this bottle. Here’s the bottle surrounded by my other Too Faced stash because, Too Faced.