Lunasol Quad-Scent Form Eyes 05 Chocolate Cosmos


Price: 5000¥ (approx. $48)

According to my friend in Japan, Lunasol is considered one of the eyeshadow staples of women with brown/black eyes in Asia, much like Urban Decay’s Naked series.

When she offered to send me one as a late-birthday present, I couldn’t resist! (Because, ebay. All Lunasol quads are $60 + there.)

(Prior to reviewing, I apologize for that weird sheen on these photos. The sun was going crazy when I reviewed this)

lunasolquad_1Lunasol is known for its subtle yet dazzling shimmer, which (despite sounding oxymoronic) is the only way I can describe it. Even the casing here seems to echo that subtle, gorgeous shimmer.

The quad is $50-ish for 4 colors that amount to a total of 6.3g, ranking it med-to-high range in terms of price point.

lunasolquad_2I was given a choice among these beauties:

And I ended up choosing “Scent Form Eyes – 05 Chocolate Cosmos,” because I’m a sucker for taupey/chocolatey shades.

From what I gleaned from beauty blogs, “Beige Beige” is the cult classic for Lunasol quads, but Chocolate Cosmos also is a fan favorite, both being one of the older, more “classic” quads.

lunasolquad_3Ingredients are unfortunately written in Japanese.

Hope someone would be able to decipher this, because I can’t read kanji. I was able to make out two words: Ta-ru-ku (Talc) and De-Me-Chi-Kon (Dimethicone).

Luna1Gorgeous. Palette is light & sturdy enough to stash in your makeup pouch, and it comes with a huge mirror that’s perfect for touching up.

Luna4Luna2All four shades contain a light iridescence that doesn’t go overboard. Unlike many other shadows, the glitter stays on your lids and doesn’t scream “Notice me!…before I fall everywhere.”

This, to me, makes this one of my most versatile quads, as it can be worn to any occasion, whether it be school, work, a night-out etc.

Luna3From left to right, shades I named arbitrarily because they have no name.

  • Nougat: Light ashy taupe
  • Toffee Crunch: Light creamy red-brown
  • Sugar Sugar: Particles of rock sugar
  • Espresso Royale: Deep Brown

Everything has shimmer. This might not work for people who dislike the bling.


  • Left corner of the eye: Nougat
  • Right corner & eyeline: Espresso Royale
  • Fanning away & triangular zone: Toffee Crunch
  • Bottom: Sugar Sugar

This goes with most of my lipsticks, especially “Nougat” and “Espresso Royale.” Loving the subtle shimmer.

Luna4Having said all that, I wish Lunasol was more accessible in the US.

What’s your favorite eyeshadow quad? Your most versatile quad?

MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Collection (Palette, Highlighter)


Price: $48 (Palette) , $22 (Highlighter)

This is a limited edition “MOSCHINO + SEPHORA” collaboration, one I actually missed out on when it first launched months ago.

Thanks to Sephora who brought it back a second time! I finally snagged the two items I really wanted, the palette and the highlighter.

moschino2This is the embodiment of kidult (kid + adult) culture; it has all the makings of a cute toy, but with a collectible twist.

I love the small details such as the “touch me” hole and the Moschino teddy illustrations on the side. Major ToysRUs vibes.

moschino3Just look at this beauty. I’ve no words for it; it speaks for itself. It’s plastic but feels heavy enough, doesn’t look cheap. Perfect as a decoration.

Be still my kid heart.

moschino4This holds 21 shades in mattes, shimmers, and satin finishes.

The inside is part-cardboard, much like limited edition holiday TooFaced palettes that come out every year. I’d have liked this portion to be plastic too, but oh well.

I’m not planning to use any of this by the way. It’s my collectible. Back to the box it goes.

moschino5And this beauty. The highlighter is a two-parter, and holds one part champagne and one part rose-gold powder shimmers.

The colors are very subtle and needs building up to actually show like, say, what a Becca Opal would do for your skin. I like subtlety so this is actually good for me.

moschino6Now some of the cons:

  • Durability: I’ve heard a lot of horror stories of these items coming with at least one shadow smashed, both the palette and the highlighter. It happened to me too, as you can see. Sephora kindly replaced my smashed one with a pristine, intact version, but I’d advise using this at home and not on-the-go.
  • Pigmentation: What little I tried felt decent but this may not please those who are more used to stark pigmentation, like KVD and Viseart. While this does work as decent makeup, it’s more of a collectible item, and I don’t mind that it may work less than what other $40+ or $22+ items would do for me. The packaging alone was worth paying for, but that’s personal preference.

I’m thinking of pressing the smashed extra with some rubbing alcohol and leaving at the office for touch-ups. The mirror is big enough, and the bear’s so cute I’ll be happy just looking at it.

DIY Lip Palette

selfpalette3Lip samples I’ve accumulated over the months.

The thing with these samples is that I rarely remember to use them. And there’s always one or two colors I’d never use in this lifetime. But they’re so cute with their mini lip brushes and teensy pockets! So I hoard them.

Until months later when I realize I want to declutter.

selfpalette4And declutter I did. Messy, but compact.

I started mixing everything in an “Elf shadow quad pan” (that I sanitized) and heated the bottom with a hair dryer.

Created one sheer lipstick, one lipgloss, one matte-ish lipstick.


From top to bottom:

  • Dior lipstick (Be Dior, Wonderful, Tribale, Smile)
  • Honest Beauty Lip Gloss (Creative Kiss, Dreamy Kiss, Inspired Kiss) + YSL Glossy Stain (Rouge Splash, Onde Rose, Plump Lip)
  • Clinique lipstick (nude pop, punch pop, love pop, cherry pop) + a dab of NARS matte lip pencil (Let’s Go Crazy)

Pretty happy with the outcome. All three are shades I’d use in a heartbeat.


Here’s what I used:

  • Lip card samples
  • Tiny spatula (used the pointy end of a sanitized angle toothbrush)
  • Hairdryer (it will get hot, so do use oven gloves!)
  • ELF empty palette (I got them for less than $1 during their sale)


Have fun mixing & melting.

Missha X Line Character Collab – 02 Brown Brownie Palette


Price: 12,800 won = $11

Limited Edition Palette

This is the review of the LE “Missha X Line Character Collaboration – 02.Brown Brownie Palette,” launched in Jan 2016.

LinePalette1I have a soft spot for anything un-bear-ably cutesy.

This was a gift from a friend in Korea, who knows how much I miss shopping K-beauty brands. Last month, she organized a box full of K-beauty goodies and sent it over to me via mail! This palette was one of her proudest addition, something she went to “desperate lengths to procure.”

LinePalette2There are two palettes; the bear one (“Brown”) and the rabbit (“Cony”). The bear one caters to warm toned skins with its orangey brown hues, while the rabbit leans cool with its light and hot pinks. They’re both compact, travel-friendly, and adorable! And … unfortunately sold out 😦

My friend had to bounce from store to store just to find the bear palette! She fiercely placed phone calls to different stores until she found one. All the more reason to cherish it.

LinePalette5There are four shades in this mini palette, one matte, three shimmer.

I’ve a feeling Missha put all their effort towards the packaging and product, because the names were super cheesy, more like an afterthought than real names.

  • 소심 브라운 (Sosim Brown – Timid Brown)
  • 순수 브라운 (Sunsu Brown – Pure Brown)
  • 심쿵 브라운 (Shimkung Brown – Heart DokiDoki…? Brown)
  • 코니 짝꿍 브라운 (Coni Jjakggung Brown – Cony Besties Brown)

You get the idea.

LinePalette4Cheesy naming aside, the shadows are beautiful. It reminds me of fall, of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, marmalade scones, and orange leaves.

Just look at that print on the fourth shade! It’s adorable, almost to the point where I couldn’t bear (I’ll stop with the puns) to swatch it.

LinePalette8But here it is 🙂

From left to right: Timid Brown, Pure Brown, Heart DokiDoki Brown, Cony Besties Brown.

The names are confusing, as there’s technically one brown color in this palette. The rest are gold, peach, and beige. It’s helpful to remember that they’re probably talking about the bear character, whose name happens to be “Brown.” (I was plenty confused before I realized this)

LinePalette6Very orangey-gold!  I love it.

LinePalette7Easy to blend; shimmery, bright colors; it’s perfect for spring makeup.

The only downside I can think of is:

  • Shadows wash off easily with water. Longevity is on the okay side “if” you’re in a dry place. But if you’re going to be sweaty or caught in a rainfall, this might not be the best palette to reach for.

How did you like the Missha Line character LE palette? Did you manage to snag one? If not, will you be on the lookout for the next release?