Lunasol Quad-Scent Form Eyes 05 Chocolate Cosmos


Price: 5000¥ (approx. $48)

According to my friend in Japan, Lunasol is considered one of the eyeshadow staples of women with brown/black eyes in Asia, much like Urban Decay’s Naked series.

When she offered to send me one as a late-birthday present, I couldn’t resist! (Because, ebay. All Lunasol quads are $60 + there.)

(Prior to reviewing, I apologize for that weird sheen on these photos. The sun was going crazy when I reviewed this)

lunasolquad_1Lunasol is known for its subtle yet dazzling shimmer, which (despite sounding oxymoronic) is the only way I can describe it. Even the casing here seems to echo that subtle, gorgeous shimmer.

The quad is $50-ish for 4 colors that amount to a total of 6.3g, ranking it med-to-high range in terms of price point.

lunasolquad_2I was given a choice among these beauties:

And I ended up choosing “Scent Form Eyes – 05 Chocolate Cosmos,” because I’m a sucker for taupey/chocolatey shades.

From what I gleaned from beauty blogs, “Beige Beige” is the cult classic for Lunasol quads, but Chocolate Cosmos also is a fan favorite, both being one of the older, more “classic” quads.

lunasolquad_3Ingredients are unfortunately written in Japanese.

Hope someone would be able to decipher this, because I can’t read kanji. I was able to make out two words: Ta-ru-ku (Talc) and De-Me-Chi-Kon (Dimethicone).

Luna1Gorgeous. Palette is light & sturdy enough to stash in your makeup pouch, and it comes with a huge mirror that’s perfect for touching up.

Luna4Luna2All four shades contain a light iridescence that doesn’t go overboard. Unlike many other shadows, the glitter stays on your lids and doesn’t scream “Notice me!…before I fall everywhere.”

This, to me, makes this one of my most versatile quads, as it can be worn to any occasion, whether it be school, work, a night-out etc.

Luna3From left to right, shades I named arbitrarily because they have no name.

  • Nougat: Light ashy taupe
  • Toffee Crunch: Light creamy red-brown
  • Sugar Sugar: Particles of rock sugar
  • Espresso Royale: Deep Brown

Everything has shimmer. This might not work for people who dislike the bling.


  • Left corner of the eye: Nougat
  • Right corner & eyeline: Espresso Royale
  • Fanning away & triangular zone: Toffee Crunch
  • Bottom: Sugar Sugar

This goes with most of my lipsticks, especially “Nougat” and “Espresso Royale.” Loving the subtle shimmer.

Luna4Having said all that, I wish Lunasol was more accessible in the US.

What’s your favorite eyeshadow quad? Your most versatile quad?

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