DIY Lip Palette

selfpalette3Lip samples I’ve accumulated over the months.

The thing with these samples is that I rarely remember to use them. And there’s always one or two colors I’d never use in this lifetime. But they’re so cute with their mini lip brushes and teensy pockets! So I hoard them.

Until months later when I realize I want to declutter.

selfpalette4And declutter I did. Messy, but compact.

I started mixing everything in an “Elf shadow quad pan” (that I sanitized) and heated the bottom with a hair dryer.

Created one sheer lipstick, one lipgloss, one matte-ish lipstick.


From top to bottom:

  • Dior lipstick (Be Dior, Wonderful, Tribale, Smile)
  • Honest Beauty Lip Gloss (Creative Kiss, Dreamy Kiss, Inspired Kiss) + YSL Glossy Stain (Rouge Splash, Onde Rose, Plump Lip)
  • Clinique lipstick (nude pop, punch pop, love pop, cherry pop) + a dab of NARS matte lip pencil (Let’s Go Crazy)

Pretty happy with the outcome. All three are shades I’d use in a heartbeat.


Here’s what I used:

  • Lip card samples
  • Tiny spatula (used the pointy end of a sanitized angle toothbrush)
  • Hairdryer (it will get hot, so do use oven gloves!)
  • ELF empty palette (I got them for less than $1 during their sale)


Have fun mixing & melting.

Sephora Hall of Famers Gift 2017 – Exclusive Bite Lipstick

giftedbysephoraSokobabyBlog2Sephora’s known to send out little gifts to its BeautyTalk users. As someone who used to be an avid user, I really appreciated the surprise gifts. T’was one of the many perks of being a Beauty Insider.

Unfortunately (and fortunately!), BeautyTalk is shifting gears to a new platform, which means the old ranking system is phasing out. Which means, good bye to “Hall of Famer.” (HOF)

HOF2As a farewell, Sephora decided to surprise the “HOF” Beauty Insiders with a gift.

They reeeally sprung this on us. Every HOF got a random email informing us that a package was arriving from Sephora. A good majority thought we were hacked. We were quickly assured that this was legit.

HOF3(why I adore Sephora)

HOF4HOF5This cute pouch…

HOF7Held the contents:

  • 3 adorable pins, custom made for HOF rankers.
  • A HOF custom-color lipstick from Bite’s Lip Lab!


This beauty. The shade is titled “Hall of Famer,” a nod to the eponymous HOFs.

It’s the same formula as the Amuse Bouche line.

HOF9I’d call this a hot pink + fuchsia mix. (A royal-fuchsia?)

It has the customary Bite scent to it, a fruity tingly scent that screams Bite.

HOF10Buttery smooth. It spreads evenly into a shock of fuchsia goodness.

Beware: it stains quite a bit! Don’t get this on your clothes.


I don’t own many fuchsias/hot pinks, so this was the best I could do in regards to dupes.

From left to right:

  • Bite “Hall of Famer”
  • Nature Republic “Orchid Blossom”
  • Clinique “Punch Pop”
  • Wander Beauty “Vacay”

Wander Beauty “Vacay” was the closest shade I could find in my stash. It’s a beautiful unique hue, especially if you love a zingy fuchsia.

HOF13Thank you Sephora 😀

Wander Beauty – Wanderout Dual Lipsticks (Jet Set/Vacay;Wanderberry/Barely There)


Price: $30


Two weeks ago, I was contacted by  Sephora, who kindly gave me a chance to review products from a recently launched brand: Wander Beauty.

wanderduallipstick10Wander Beauty is a brand launched in 2015 by the gorgeous model Lindsay Ellington, who has dedicated this brand to: “…modern women who’s traveling and doing her makeup in a taxi like I did this morning.” (hence, the “wander” part)

That’s a sentiment I can appreciate. Much as I love the leisurely Sunday mornings when I take a full hour to enjoy makeup, the reality is that I barely get 15~20 min. Streamlining is a must; anything that’s pouch-friendly and shortens application time is a yes in my book.

Wander Beauty launched in Sephora this March.

wanderduallipstick1I was sent two “Wanderout Dual Lipsticks,” in the colors “Jet Set/Vacay” and “Wanderberry/Barely There.”

They’re long-lasting lipstick duos that come in two shades: one bright, one neutral. I’m told the products are free of fragrance, mineral oil, and parabens. Plus, cruelty free!

wanderduallipstick3I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. Just loving the burgundy/gold tones; this is gorgeous.

That little GPS arrow is calling to me.

wanderduallipstick5From left: Vacay, Jet Set, Wanderberry, Barely There.

wanderduallipstick7wanderduallipstick6Each lipstick holds ” 2.04g/0.07oz ” worth of product. It’s about half the amount of a normal lipstick, but you do get two, which equals to ” 4.08g/0.14oz. ”

I personally can never finish a whole lipstick, so this is perfect.

wanderduallipstick8Swatches. From left to right: Jet Set, Vacay, Wanderberry, Barely There

These swatch beautifully, super creamy. Jet Set’s a fun hot pink, Vacay a muted light pink, Wanderberry a deep garnet red, and Barely There a muted rose.

wanderduallipstick9wanderduallipstick13(Top: Sunlight, Bottom: With Flash)

The bright colors are definitely more pigmented than the neutrals. The nudey neutrals are much sheerer. “Jet Set/Vacay” leans cool, and “Wanderberry/Barely There” leans warm.

And finally lip swatches:

wanderduallipstick11(I’d like to disclose: my lips were in a terrible condition when I swatched them! Very dry.)

All of these pics were taken on the same day, same hour, in sunlight. No liner, no primer.

You can tell the consistency differs with each color. All of them feel creamy going on, but to each a different kind of creamy, if that makes sense. Wanderberry is more of a creamy matte, while Vacay is slippery + creamy. 

Level of matte-ness: Wanderberry >> Barely There > Jet Set > Vacay. 

Pigmentation: Wanderberry >> Jet Set > Barely There > Vacay

wanderduallipstick12My favorite color so far is “Barely There,” while my favorite consistency is “Jet Set.” I personally love sheer lippies, but the neutral ones are probably too sheer for someone who loves opaque lips.

Currently, the only one I’m on the fence with is “Vacay.” I can’t for the life of me pull off cool-toned light pink, especially if it’s sheer. My dry lips reveal all sorts of crevasses and flakes with sheer, light pink! T’is a beautiful color but I don’t see myself reaching for it often.

Meanwhile,”Barely There” seems like a lovely MLBB!

wanderduallipstick4One of the best things about these: you can mix it up.

If you’re feeling bright colors, just pop in two bright colors and off you go. Feeling nudes? Grab two neutrals. There’s a bit of a mix-and-match element to these duos, which is good fun.

Thank you Sephora, for giving me a chance to try these lovelies out!


For anyone curious :