Skinfood Fresh Cheek & Lip Trio – 03 Cherry Tomato, 05 Fruit Mix, 06 Plum Mellow


₩11,900 (approx $10)

Out of all the numerous makeup “road-shops” in Korea, Skinfood definitely has one of the top three spots in my heart.

Here’s a tribute to one of my favorite makeup items I have purchased from its stocks: the Fresh Cheek & Lip Trios. (생과일 립앤치크)

3cheek_1A year ago, we had a bit of a scare. Skinfood was teetering between bankruptcy and tenacious survival, according to articles at the time.

I happened to be in Korea then, searching for the Skinfood Propolis Serum that seemed to be OOS everywhere for months. When I received the news regarding the whole impending bankruptcy, I got scared that Skinfood might go the way of Ameli and decided to stock up on the Cheek & Lip Trios I loved.

3cheek_11There were only three kinds left in the Kangnam store (near Shin-Nonhyeon Station):

  • 03 Cherry Tomato
  • 05 Fruit Mix
  • 06 Plum Mellow

And everything was on sale, so I couponed things up and snagged all three for $12.

3cheek_23cheek_4I normally detest the idea of dipping fingers into products, because what does it say about longevity and hygiene? But these little tin cans are adorable, and adorable trumps everything.

They also smell delicious, like soft fruit jelly. But not overwhelmingly so.

3cheek_5Color coordination is on-point. In every tin is a nice balance of light, medium, and dark shades that complement each other; the shades mix well, too.

03 Cherry Tomato has a special place in my heart because I used it as a lip topper for my wedding makeup. I’m on my second tin.

3cheek_63cheek_83cheek_9These lean on the glossy side but packs enough pigment to make an impression.

They do dry down and lose the gloss after awhile. Think a mix between Dior lip balms and MAC cream blushes, as odd as that sounds. I wouldn’t call these plain glossy.

3cheek_7I personally dislike using cream blushes, especially if it’s multi-use. I’d rather use cheek for cheek, lip for lip; keep things separate.

The Cheek & Lip Trio works better for me as a lip tint, so a lip tint it shall be.

3cheek_10 03 Cherry Tomato

3cheek_1205 Fruit mix selfie

Long live Skinfood.

Armani Lip Magnet – 504 Nuda


[Georgio Armani Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick – 504 Nuda]

Price: $38

Amount: 3.9 ml / 0.13 oz

NUDA2I wanted a lip magnet for ages but could never decide on a shade.

I usually pick up one shade from a line before going back for others, so this first buy had to be the perfect daily shade.

After thirty minutes of debating between 504 Nuda and 505 Second Skin, I opted for Nuda because it seemed like a gorgeous muted coral.

NUDA3As always, ingredient list.

Beware; just like the Lancome Juicy Shakers, these babies are flammable.

NUDA4.jpgTo be honest, I was never wowed by this design. It reminds me of those seal stamps we use in Korea (called 인감도장), which brings up the imagery of banks and house loans and life that’s too painfully HD realistic.

And the cute belt buckle-like logo reminds me of LG Electronics lol.

NUDA5But that color… that sumptuous color. And the way it feels when the applicator touches your skin…  erased all my doubts about the design.

The color really sticks to you like magnet. Not tacky, not sticky, but magnetic.

NUDA6The pointed doe-foot applicator is sharp enough for detailed work.

I don’t need a lip liner with this product.

NUDA7Well. Here’s another miserable fail. These aren’t dupes, but … similar color groups. They go well together. Let’s leave it at that.

From bottom to top:

  • Armani Lip Magnet – 504 Nuda
  • Nature Republic Kiss My Mini Lipstick – 01 Juliet Rose
  • Tate LipSurgence Lipgloss – Blushing Bride

NUDA8Comparison with another favorite shade: “YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain in 412 Rose Mix.”

Right pic: Left shade is “Armani_Nuda,” and right shade is “YSL_Rose Mix.”

Both gorgeous shades. “Nuda” was my ideal version of theBalm’s “Matte Hughes _ Committed.” Committed was a tad too dull & orangey to by my favorite daily hue; this takes the cake.

NUDA9Perfect daily color.

Now that I’ve seen how this performs, I kinda want to try “505 Second Skin” and “301 Heat” .. “507 Garconne,” too.


I lie. I want them all.

Etude Ice Cream Lip Tint- Dear Darling Water Gel Tint in “Watermelon”


[Etude Water Gel Tint -RD307 WaterMelon]

Price: 5,000 won = $4.46

(around $11~$12 on amazon)

Come summer, I drench myself in coral and peaches. And as someone who adores anything cutesy …and at this price point? Couldn’t pass this up.

I grabbed this in June 2017, when I was visiting my family in Seoul.

watermelon2You get “0.15 oz / 4.5g” worth of product.

Before I delve into how the tint does performance-wise, I’d like to explain the muse behind this adorable design.

PD0013_SPThis is called a “Subak-bah,” which literally translates into: “Watermelon Bar.” It’s one of those ice-cream-sherbet bars that have been around forever in Korea, since 1986 to be exact. (which makes it older than I am!)

Unlike the real deal, you can eat the green part, and seeds are sunflower seeds/nuts coated in chocolate. It tastes pretty good, but I like it more for the nostalgic value than anything.

watermelon3Considering the newly packaged “Dear Darling Water Gel Tints” are being called “Ice Cream Tints,” I’ve a feeling that “Subak-bah” was the motive for this particular color.

Etude is calling this a “Watermelon Red,” but it actually goes on like a reddish coral.

watermelon4Not very opaque, but pretty. The right picture holds the truer hue. Looks glassy but settles well. (feels a tad bit like Benefit’s Chacha Tint on the lips)

And it’s as hydrating as a non-oil tint can get.


Color dupes. From left to right:

  • Etude Dear Darling Water Gel Tint _ Watermelon Red
  • Aritaum Color Lasting Tint _ 02 Baby Wink
  • Tony Moly HD Liptone Get it Tint  _03  Peach Punch
  • Skinfood Lip&Cheek Trio _ 03 Cherry Tomato (first color)

All the dupes are products I use daily in spring & summer.

They’re gorgeous red-corals, though if you’re looking for a straight up red tint, you’d be disappointed!