Etude Ice Cream Lip Tint- Dear Darling Water Gel Tint in “Watermelon”


[Etude Water Gel Tint -RD307 WaterMelon]

Price: 5,000 won = $4.46

(around $11~$12 on amazon)

Come summer, I drench myself in coral and peaches. And as someone who adores anything cutesy …and at this price point? Couldn’t pass this up.

I grabbed this in June 2017, when I was visiting my family in Seoul.

watermelon2You get “0.15 oz / 4.5g” worth of product.

Before I delve into how the tint does performance-wise, I’d like to explain the muse behind this adorable design.

PD0013_SPThis is called a “Subak-bah,” which literally translates into: “Watermelon Bar.” It’s one of those ice-cream-sherbet bars that have been around forever in Korea, since 1986 to be exact. (which makes it older than I am!)

Unlike the real deal, you can eat the green part, and seeds are sunflower seeds/nuts coated in chocolate. It tastes pretty good, but I like it more for the nostalgic value than anything.

watermelon3Considering the newly packaged “Dear Darling Water Gel Tints” are being called “Ice Cream Tints,” I’ve a feeling that “Subak-bah” was the motive for this particular color.

Etude is calling this a “Watermelon Red,” but it actually goes on like a reddish coral.

watermelon4Not very opaque, but pretty. The right picture holds the truer hue. Looks glassy but settles well. (feels a tad bit like Benefit’s Chacha Tint on the lips)

And it’s as hydrating as a non-oil tint can get.


Color dupes. From left to right:

  • Etude Dear Darling Water Gel Tint _ Watermelon Red
  • Aritaum Color Lasting Tint _ 02 Baby Wink
  • Tony Moly HD Liptone Get it Tint  _03  Peach Punch
  • Skinfood Lip&Cheek Trio _ 03 Cherry Tomato (first color)

All the dupes are products I use daily in spring & summer.

They’re gorgeous red-corals, though if you’re looking for a straight up red tint, you’d be disappointed!



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