Holika Holika Heartful Lipstick – Almond Choux, Black Tea Pong


Price: 8,300₩ (approx. $7.30)

On sale: 4,150₩ (approx. $3.66)

I’ve heard a terrible rumor that they’re discontinuing the Heartful lippies down at Holika Holika. I’m disappointed to hear this, as these are one of best “roadshop” lipsticks I’ve ever tried.

Price has halved from 7.3 bucks to 3.66 bucks… meaning they’re trying to get rid of inventory. The rumors must be true.   😦

Heartful_3I got “BE01 – Almond Choux” and “BE03 – Black Tea Pong.”

Heartful_2The Heartful line has two types of texture, “Chiffon Cream” and “Melting Cream.”

Chiffon goes on a tad more matte but both are creamy and moisturizing enough to wear in winter.

Heartful_4Ah. Can’t say much about packaging design. Pretty slapdash… but sturdy enough to stash in your pouch. The top stays on.

I do like how we can see the color.

Heartful_5Look at this beauty. This redeems the flimsy packaging and then some.

Left is “BE03 – Black Tea Pong” and right is “BE01 – Almond Choux.”


Heartful_7From left to right, BE03 – Black Tea Pong” and “BE01 – Almond Choux.”

The colors seem boring but are strangely unique; I couldn’t find anything similar in my stash. Black Tea Pong, being the “Creamy Melting” type has the more slippery texture. Almond Choux is a wee more matte but I wouldn’t call it drying.

Heartful_8Really enjoyed the color of Almond Choux. For the price you’re paying, this is as good as it gets.

PS  Made the mistake of applying black tea pong first… its staying power is decent, meaning the lippie refused to leave my lips. This is why my lips look crazy smudged with Almond Choux.

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