Cle De Peau – Free Concealer Brush & Concealer Sample

concealer and brush5

Concealer Price: $70

Concealer Brush Price: $35

A few months ago, Cle De Peau ran a freebie promotion on their site, one of those “too-good-to-be-true” flash deals that went as quick as it came. It promised each person who entered their name and address into their data base a “concealer sample” and a “concealer brush,” both free of charge!

At the time, it really did seem like the devil’s contract. I searched for the small print that promised my soul in exchange, but having found none, I entered my info and promptly forgot about it. Half-assumed it was a dud, as I never received any confirmation email regarding this deal.

Approximately three months later, the items arrived in all their glory.

concealer and brush4This is what I received:

  • One concealer sample (0.5g/0.01oz) in shade “beige”
  • One concealer brush
  • One brush pocket w/ logo

As freebies go, this was amazing value.

concealer and brush7This is the concealer sample, shade in “beige.” The original is in stick form and retails for $70 per 5g / 0.17oz. There are six different shades: Ivory, Ocher, Beige, Honey, Almond, Mocha. Ivory or Almond seems like a better match for my skin.

Directions instruct to: “After using skincare or foundation, apply directly to desired areas. Blend gently with fingertips.”

concealer and brush6Ingredients list.

Btw, didn’t realize Cle de Peau was part of Shiseido! Interesting. I assumed this was a European brand. Upon search, it seems Cle de Peau is one of Shiseido’s “luxury brands.”

concealer and brush8Consistency-wise, think MAC cream blush. Think Benefit Boiing? It’s quite pigmented, doesn’t slip, and has a bit of a powdery-matte finish. Despite its creamy factor, I believe this is more for normal ~ oily skin.

Though the concealer was darker than my skin tone, I was able to use it to contour a little. It stayed even throughout the day, didn’t stray or fade.

concealer and brush9Deliberately marked my skin with eyeliner to better show the level of coverage. (Please disregard the different tones 😦 Beige was too dark for me!)

Nice coverage, not fantastic but good enough. I’d say this was medium coverage. It will not cover tattoos but will provide enough pigmentation to hide blemishes.

concealer and brush1Now the brush. It’s about the size of a full sized all-over eyeshadow brush.

Was tickled pink to see it came with its own brush pocket!

concealer and brush3The concealer brush alone retails for $35. It’s said to have been designed specifically for concealers.

I often rely on concealers/bb cream during the summer because foundation feels too heavy. Hope this brush would make things easier! I’ve yet to properly use this, as I’m planning to take it on my trip to Japan/Korea this upcoming April.

concealer and brush2Closer view. Very soft bristles, just dense enough.

While I love the brush, I can’t see myself dropping $70 for this cream concealer – yet. I wish I’d been able to use something more suited to my skin tone, like “Almond.” Sadly, the Nordstrom near me doesn’t seem to carry Cle de Peau, so swatching will have to wait.

How did you like Cle de Peau’s freebie? Would you buy the concealer or the brush? 

2 thoughts on “Cle De Peau – Free Concealer Brush & Concealer Sample

  1. I had no clue their concealer costs $70. It is pretty dark, so whoever I give that to is in for a treat (unless they love it, then I will have to apologize for introducing them to something so expensive).


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