Spring ELF Gift Exchange Box :)

springelf5I recently participated in a gift exchange “ELF” (like secret santa kinda elf, not ELF the brand) and it was so much fun! Thought it’d be nice to post what I received from my lovely elf.

springelf1My box arrived March 21, in the form of a Nordstrom Rack box bearing several “fragile” notices!

Our time line went:

  • Sign-up: 02/26
  • Drawing Pairs: 2/28
  • Pairings Posted: 2/29
  • Wishlist Exchange: 3/01 ~ 3/06
  • Shopping: 3/07~3/20
  • Shipping with tracking: 3/21 ~ 3/27

Recommended budget was “$25 +shipping + 3~5 deluxe beauty samples,” but I think we all went over that.

springelf3Everything was so carefully wrapped; it was heartwarming.

All that bubblewrap!

springelf4Love this. One more sign that says fragile.

springelf5This is what I received. I absolutely love every single item here. I’m uploading this post to my “Beauty Box” category, as I consider this a one-time beauty box tailored especially for me 🙂

My elf and I corresponded through PM, where we shared a lot of background info/likes/dislikes/hobbies etc. The theme of this box was “location,” as we were supposed to share regional goodies as well as cosmetics. I was sent items related to West Virginia, while my elf was sent items of Korean and Michigan origin. 

springelf6I figured I’d showcase the items by their respective categories and explain the reasoning behind them, to show how thoughtful this box really was.

springelf10“Bath & Body” related items. I’ve been addicted to baths since last year. I know too much will dry out my skin but I can’t help it!

  • Philosophy – Fresh Cream Body Lotion (my all time favorite body lotion)
  • Palyfrog Soap Co – Bath Bomb

springelf9“Blue” items. My favorite color is blue, especially navy and cerulean.

  • Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour – 461 Blue Satin (gorgeous color!)
  • Navy Sparkly Makeup Pouch

springelf8Delicious looking goodies from West Virginia!

  • West Virginia Fruit & Berry – Apple Butter
  • The Candy Factory – Chocolate Fudge (Already gone. I’m on a sugar high, chock-full of fudgy goodness)

springelf7“Cosmetics” samples. I love blush, and was sent three blush related samples! The rest were deluxe samples I knew I loved (NUDE, Dior), and awesome lip & body samples.

  •  Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin (I love this, but can’t get over that price tag!)
  • Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee
  • MakeUpForEver HD Blush – 410
  • NUDE Detox Gentle Brightening Enzyme Fizzy Powder Wash (love)
  • Sephora Colorful Blush – Sweet on You
  • Honest Beauty Lipgloss card
  • Original Handcrafted Lip Balm
  • Morning Whisper – Silky Smooth Body Lotion

springelf13And this beautiful postcard of West Virginia 🙂

I wish I included something like this in my elf’s box!

springelf11Last but not least, Sonny Angels.

I collect them, especially the animal versions. My elf kindly got me another to add to my small but growing collection! I think they’re adorable.

springelf12It’s the one on the very right, the adorable buffalo!

This was my first ever ELF gift exchange and it certainly won’t be the last. I’m happy with my new goodies, and sincerely hope my elf likes her package, too.

Have you ever participated in an ELF gift exchange? What kind of presents did you give and/or receive?


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