Jouer – Skinny Dip Palette


Price: $40

I traded this palette with another Beautylish Lucky bag item, the Jouer Skinny Dip highlighter. The lovely MissPuff traded me with no extra +@, being the generous lady that she is. Very thankful to her because I really wanted this palette!

(You can see what I originally received here: 2018 Beautylish Lucky Bag post)

skinndip_sokobaby9This pretty.

The Skinny Dip is not a palette for an everyday look. Every single shade here is a foil shimmer that goes on hard and shiny, with not much room for blending (though it is possible). And every single shade is gorgeous.


Brace yourself for a lot of product images because I was drooling over, not necessarily the packaging itself, but the color scheme + concept.

skinndip_sokobaby5skinndip_sokobaby6skinndip_sokobaby7skinndip_sokobaby8This is one of those palettes that actually photographs better with that rose-gold sheen, the yellow light that I usually avoid. Everything about it screams gold and sparkle.

Personally would’ve loved a sturdier package.. but I still deem this gorgeous. I’d have liked a nice tin, something metal. (If this was in a studier plastic/metal packaging, I would shell out more than $40 for it! …with maybe an extra shade on the side that screams taupe, in the “Tan Lines” shade formula.)

skinndip_sokobaby2skinndip_sokobaby1Swatches, from left to right (Under Yellow Light):

Starlight – Bikini – Skinny Dip – Tan Lines – Magic Hour – Midnight Swim

They apply light foil, thick and shiny. Especially Starlight, Skinny Dip, and Magic Hour. Bikini was a tad bit lacking in payoff, but I like variation. It’s fine. But I’d love to see a version of this shade that goes on like foil.

It is possible to use this as a liner with the right kind of brush and primer/wet brush.

skinndip_sokobaby10Swatches (Under Natural Light – Dull)

The weather has been doom and gloom (no surprises there) these past few weeks, so sadly, this was the best I could do. You can tell here how much Starlight and Magic Hour come off foil-like and solid. Everything was one-swipe.

My two favorite shades are “Skinny Dip” and “Magic Hour.”

There is some fallout, as is the case with most sparkly shadows out there, but the ones that stick to the primer-ed lid stays put. The colors are toned down enough that I can wear it to work, and as a liner, that pop of color gives life to your eyes.

skinndip_sokobaby11I honestly like this a bit more than the (dare I say it) Natasha Denona.

There’s not much room for play on my hooded asian lids, and something like the Skinny Dip Palette is perfect to draw attention without having to work too hard for it. (I blink and most of everything disappears. Like magic, but not the happy kind.)

I’ve had random strangers come up to me and compliment my eyes when I’m wearing this. Or ask me what shadows I used. I might have to buy a back-up someday 🙂

I’ll try to upload eye swatches someday. When the weather here gets sunny enough.

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