Bath & Body Works Haul (Buy 3 Get 3) 2019

AprilHaul_4There is a special place in my heart for B&BW coupons. They are ridiculously generous.

My Korean friend, for whom it was her first time ever in the US, had a romp at B&BW. She preferred it over Sephora!

This is a story of how we brought the price tag down from $60.10 to $34.34.

AprilHaul_3We combined three coupons/promos:

  • 20% off entire purchase
  • 1 item free (up to $13.50 value)
  • Buy 3 Get 3 free

Between the two of us, my friend and I each picked out three items and then added on one extra item to redeem the “1 item free.”

She bought:

  • Gingham Ultra Shea Body Cream
  • Sweet Almond & Honey Ultra Shea Body Cream
  • Intense Lavender Body Lotion

I bought:

  • Wild Blueberry Ultra Shea Body Cream
  • Gingham Ultra Shea Body Cream
  • Sea Island Cotton Body Lotion
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oil Body Lotion – Lavender

She generously gave me the extra item 🙂 We only paid about $17 each.

AprilHaul_1The Aromatherapy Lavender landed itself on my bedroom dresser, next to JoMalone and a bunch of perfume rollerballs. (Vicktor&Rolf, Maison Margiela, Fresh) The lotion is non-tacky and melts into the skin.

I alternate between Lavender and English Pear & Freesia at night. Lavender helps me sleep.

AprilHaul_2The Wild Blueberry currently resides in my bathroom, atop the …well, loo.

It’s accompanied by Japanese Cherry Blossom (another B&BW classic) and a bottle of “what used to be body milk but now is a mixture of water & lavender oil & crushed ylang ylang soap.” I intended it to be red – yellow – blue (ish).

It smells amazing! Takes a bit longer than the lotions to seep into my skin, but does a bang-up job in keeping me moisturized.

I love mixing Wild Blueberry with a hint of Philosophy’s Fresh Cream; the combination reminds me of grape 새콤달콤 (Saecomdalcom? It means SweetSour), a beloved fruit chew from my prepubescent days. (My hubby says it reminds him of cranberry juice. Funny how scent awakens different kinds of nostalgia in everyone.)

In all, a good haul.

Target October 2018 Beauty Box Review


Cost: $5

Another amazing box by Target, 6 items = $5 + free shipping.  Super affordable and great product coordinating.

I’ve passed on previous boxes but this one caught my eye because I knew I’d use every single item on the list.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 11.45.46 AMOrder was made Oct 8. Box was shipped Oct 10 and delivered Oct 13. With tax, price was $5.30.

They’ve changed the design of these boxes! Very reminiscent of Birchbox. Sort of a pumpkin spice cow(?) motif.

2018OctTarget_2Hello Autumn Groove.

2018OctTarget_3Here are the list of items, along with that $5 off $15 Beauty Purchase coupon.

It’s a bath&body&skin laden box with one toothpaste, one makeup cleanser, two hair products, and two moisturizers. Approx. two weeks worth of bath & body.

2018OctTarget_4These are pretty substantial for minis. Am especially loving the Cetaphil, Olay, and the bliss because they’re the perfect size for traveling.

Thanksgiving is coming up and I know I’ll be packing a few items from this box along for the ride.

2018OctTarget_5Looking forward to the next box 🙂

JoMalone – English Pear & Freesia Lotion


Price: $55

(This was a gift!)

This is my first JoMalone product (that wasn’t a DS sample).

englishpear2“English Pear & Freesia” almost feels iconic. It’s the go-to scent that people usually recommend when someone asks them “what should I get for my first JoMalone scent?”… at least, that’s the case with people around me.

This smells like flower drenched in honey, or a slice of summer in an English cottage somewhere. Apparently, inspiration for this scent were verses by John Keats, Ode to Autumn. How apt.

englishpear3List of ingredients. You receive 8.5oz / 250 ml.

I know nothing of notes, but people detect: “Pear, Melon, Rose, Freesia, Musk, Patchouli, Amber, Rhubarb” in this scent.

englishpear4The lotion feels moisturizing and non-tacky. It spreads easy and sinks into the skin within a few seconds to minutes depending on how much you use.

Even a small amount packs a lot of scent so I tend to spread a tiny bit on my decolletage and wrist. Personal preference, but a full body of this may prove to be a tad overwhelming. (but that’s how I am with most lingering scents, no matter how much I love them)

englishpear5This layers well with most other floral/sweet/fresh perfumes I own, such as Viktor&Rolf FlowerBomb, Fresh Hesperides, most Anna Sui perfumes, Tocca perfumes etc.

It will take me a long while to finish, but I’ll definitely buy another bottle when I’m through.