2018 Target Beauty Box 1&2


Price: $7 (per box)

I’ve been doing so well avoiding subscription boxes; the piling DS from ipsy & birchbox was a bit too much. Then again, Target is a noncommittal one-time deal. Cheaper, too. Also, free shipping.

I passed on the previous few boxes, but this time around I couldn’t decide between the two boxes they offered. Hence, the two boxes.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.58.03 AMItems arrived earlier, around Jan 8.

I was mostly interested in the face mask, shampoo (love ogx), clay mask, and the shadow palette.

2018Jan_2Theme of the first box is “Jetsetter.”

Getting major déjà vu because I’m pretty sure I’ve had a few subscription boxes named this. (Birchbox?)

2018Jan_3Mostly happy to try Sleek makeup and the clay mask. Am saving that serum for traveling purposes, since I have a million skincare DS open at the moment.

I’m considering gifting the body cream to a friend.

2018Jan_4As per usual, Target doesn’t forget to add on a coupon for $5 off $20, expiring at Feb 4.

If anyone needs this, please tell me. I don’t think I’ll use it.

2018Jan_5Second box. Theme is “Staycay.” I’m kinda loving the blue ombre.

2018Jan_7This was a decent box. I prefer this just a bit more to the first box. You get seven items for $7, bringing down the price of each item to $1.

I see myself using everything, especially the shampoo & conditioner (also love Nexxus) and the face mask.

2018Jan_6Another coupon, this time, for $3 off $15.

Wonder why they give different coupons for each box.

2018Jan_8All in all, good boxes.

Wonder what February would bring. I’m hoping for a really nice “Men’s” one.

March 2016 Target Beauty Box

Target box7

Cost: $5

Value: $17+

This was the monthly Target Beauty Box that went live on Feb 29 for a mere $5. As usual, it comes with free shipping and a complimentary $3 off coupon that can be used offline or online.

I absolutely love these boxes. They’re great value and I usually find myself using 80~90% of all items. As subscription boxes go, it’s a high number for me.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 8.08.29 PMOrder was processed on 2/29. Box shipped 3/01 and arrived 3/04 evening, four days earlier than the predicted timeframe.

Target box1This was a smaller, flatter box than February’s box, perfect for stashing samples. It arrived unscathed, unlike last time where my box had a huge dent on the side. (This could be the doing of my mailman, though; he has a penchant for chucking packages at doors 😦 )

Target box5Box theme is “Vacay Vibes,” with its contents described as:

“Must-haves. Can’t live withouts. Obsessions. As purveyors of all-things beauty , we at Target Style like to keep a lookout for what’s new and now. In this box, you’ll find a few of our favorites – just in time for spring break. Test ’em out and tell us what you think. And if you love them as much as we do, find the full sized version at: Target.com/BeautyBox.”

Target box6Product included are:

  • Hair Food Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray
  • SinfulColors Professional Nail Color (Color differs for everyone)
  • you are AMAZING Juicy Grapefruit Body Lotion
  • Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
  • Banana Boat Sun Comfort SPF 30 Lotion
  • nügg Face Mask (Differs for everyone; I received the “anti-aging”)
  • Caress Adore Forever Body Wash

Target box3Generous DS & FS items! There are eight products, which means you’re basically paying 60 cents for each item.

Target box4For five bucks, this was a complete steal. Other than the Caress Body Wash, I see myself using every item. I especially like the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, Hairfood shampoo, and the Nugg Mask. Already tried the Nugg mask and while it tingles (may be uncomfortable for some), it leaves your skin fresh, moisturized, and even.

These boxes come out every month, so be on the lookout! They go fast, and when they’re gone they’re gone.