Lush Christmas Bathtime Favorites Box


Price: $89.95

(currently out of stock)

This was part of a Christmas gift from my SO. He knows how obsessed I am with bathing come winter. I wallow in sweet water and prune myself daily.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 2.28.08 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-02 at 2.29.57 PMThis was a great assortment of bath treats.

Among these, I’ve used “Golden Wonder” and “Butterbear.”

Hubbygift_1These came wrapped nice and tight with packing peanuts, which I removed for sake of presentation. Smells like heaven.

The bath bombs come separated into two floors. First floor had:

  • Christmas Sweater
  • Butterbear
  • Snow Angel
  • Sherbet Dip
  • Luxury Lush Pud
  • Star Light Star Bright

The only nitpicky thing I have to say about packing is … everything gets mixed up. So your bombs don’t stay pristine; they might get a glitter here and a blue there from tumbling in that big box together.

Hubbygift_2Second floor:

  • Lord of Misrule
  • Shoot for the Stars
  • Never Mind the Ballistics
  • Thundersnow
  • Golden Wonder

A total of eleven amazing bath bombs/oils.

Again, you can see how they rubbed against each other. It’s a wee bit messy. But I’m excited to use everything.

April 2016 Sephora/Lush Mini Haul

sephoralush1My baby haul from Saturday.

Doubt if this qualifies as a haul (the word “haul” sounds so lavish!), but I’m thrilled with everything I got.

sephoralush2My Sephora Haul. I initially went in for the “Sephora in JC Penny: Bite Beauty Event,” one that advertised “expert application & free Bite gift with purchase.” Big fan of Bite Beauty here; I had to go.

originalThis event.

Unfortunately, my SiJCP didn’t receive the free gifts (which turned out to be a beautiful DS Bite Gloss in “Opal”). My SA was phenomenal though, and she made me a cute gift bag with a bunch of generous samples to make up for the missing gloss.

This is what I received:

  • 1 Benefit Boiing Concealer (DS)
  • 2 GlamGlow GravityMud Firming Treatment (foil)
  • 2 Ole Henrickson 3-step (Foil)
  • 1 Sephora Eyeliner Sample in “Flirting Game” (DS)
  • 1 BareMinerals Foundation Sample (DS)
  • 1 Origins Original Skin Retexturing Mask (Foil)

My sole purchase was the Bite Amuse Bouche lipstick in “GingerSnap,” a salmon coral-pink that seems perfect for spring. (I also tried on Rhubarb, Molasses, and Black Truffle. The last one was gorgeous by itself, but upon application turned me into Marilyn Manson.)

sephoralush3I rarely shop in-store, so I was immensely grateful for this pleasant experience. I wish I knew my SA (and her associate’s) name, because they were very kind and helpful! They obviously loved makeup as much as I do, and it was so much fun trying on lipsticks with them.

This was the Sephora in JC Penny in “Briarwood Mall, Ann Arbor.” I’d recommend this location to anyone who happens to be in the area. I’ve only been there twice, but each time was a treat 🙂

Plus, it’s generally less crowded in SiJCPs, and they have kits that regular Sephoras don’t get, so it’s fun to visit both if you have the time.

sephoralush4Now my Lush haul. I bought two masks: “Mask of Magnaminty” and “Cupcake.” I also received two samples: “Grease Lightning” and “Full of Grace.”

Didn’t realize Lush gave samples in-store! I’m glad they do.

I’m already a huge fan of Magnaminty, but the rest are new to me. “Grease Lightning” is fast becoming my favorite spot treatment, usurping Clearogen’s “Acne Lotion-BP” and Boscia’s “Clear Complexion Willow Bark Treatment.” Cupcake is pure delicious when it comes to scent. I’ve yet to try Full of Grace.

sephoralush5This was my first time buying Cupcake. Didn’t realize it needed to be refrigerated.

I bought these masks for my trip to Korea, but now I’m worried the mask won’t last the plane trip (14 hours). It does say “self-preserving,” so if I don’t use up the mask by April 10th, I’ll take it anyhow.

Can’t wait to review all of these goodies :)!

Have you bought anything lately? Would you buy any of these items?